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Strategic Development Plan 2015-2020

posted 29 Nov 2015, 14:06 by Brian Carroll

Kilmore GAA

Strategic Development Plan

2015- 2020

Executive Summary

Origin of Plan.

Kilmore GAA held a General Meeting of its members on February 2nd 2014 to mark the 125th anniversary of its foundation on February 2nd 1889. At that meeting Club Chairman Tommie Kenoy proposed that a Strategic Development Plan should be put in place for the period 2015-2020. Club President Peter Joe Fitzmaurice seconded the proposal and it was unanimously agreed.

The plan consists of four chapters; Games, Finance, Infrastructure and Administration. Below is a summary of the plan. The full document will be supplied to anybody who requests it by Club Secretary, Trevor Hunt.

Chapter 1. Games.

This chapter deals with all aspects of games including coaching, team management, recruitment of referees, use of club property by players and coaches and the fielding of combined teams.

Summary of Recommendations.

1. That the Club's Coaching Officer shall be elected annually at the AGM.

2. Add the following new rule to the club Constitution;

7.15 (d) a Coaching and Games Development Committee. 

3. That the following new rule is added to the Constitution;

7.15 (d) a Rounder’s Committee.


Chapter 2. Finance

This chapter lays out a template for the future management of our club’s finances.

Proposed Structure.


1. Finance committee.


2. Annual Budget.


3. Annual Accounts.


4. Fundraising/Expenditure/Management of Finances.


Amendment to Club Constitution.

Amend rule 7.2.1 by adding the following;

An AGM, on the recommendation of the Executive, may extend the term of office of 

the Treasurer,  on an annual basis, subject to a maximum period in any one term of five years.


Chapter 3. Infrastructure

This plan for our infrastructure focuses on two areas.

A. Development

B Maintenance.

It proposes a comprehensive maintenance and development plan for our property, one that will ensure that present and future players who want to develop their natural games skills to the maximum extent will have the very best of facilities available to allow them to do so.

Summary of Recommendations.

a. We recommend that the implementation of this plan should be the responsibility of  an

Executive Sub Committee in accordance with rule 7.15 of our Constitution.

b. Amend rule 7.15c in the Constitution to read as follows;

a Development and Maintenance Committee whose members shall include representatives of

the Ladies Club, the Minor Committee, Rounder’s and a players representative.

c. That the registration and vesting process for our property should be

initiated in respect of lots 1 and 2 without undue delay in accordance with the loan agreement

with Croke Park and an Executive decision in 2014. 

We further recommend that this process is completed not later than Dec 31st 2017.

4. That the following steps are taken regarding the 2nd playing field.

a. That the area between the 2nd playing field & the main pitch is completely cleared.

b. That a secure fence is constructed between the two fields with gates to allow access

for vehicles and players.

c. That this field is used as a parking area on the occasions of major fixtures.

d. That a new entrance is made from the car park to this field to allow parking access 

for traffic coming from the Hillstreet direction.

e. Make a pedestrian exit/entrance for safe egress/access from/to the existing car park.

f. One existing entrance from the Strokestown Road should become our new emergency exit /entrance to all areas of the facility.

Parking access for all other traffic should be from the other entrance from the Strokestown Road.

Planning will not be required as there are already two existing entrances in place.

g. Install new player shelters between the two playing fields.

5. The committee recommends that the following items should also be included in the club's

infrastructural development plan.


a.Put an overall landscaping plan in place. This should include, as priority, the car park area.

b. Develop a walkway around the entire site. This would be a safe exercise area away from the

dangers of public roadways. It could also be used for athletics training, jogging, weight loss and

fitness programmes such as operation transformation. We recommend that a plan is drawn up

for this project immediately.


c. Install a fully equipped Gym upstairs in the clubrooms. This should be treated as a longer term

proposal with particular reference to available funding.


d. Install an Electronic Scoreboard. Again a longer term objective.




Chapter 4. Administration.

Summary of Recommendations

1. That Trustees are no longer members of the Executive.

2. That Team Managers are no longer members of the Executive.

3. That North Board Delegates are no longer members of the Executive.

4. That the Minor Sub Committee should be represented on the

    Executive by two officers of their choice.

5. That the Coaching Officer should be added to the Executive.( see also Games Chapter).

6. That a representative of Rounder’s should be added to the Executive.

7. That an ad hoc sub -committee of the Executive reviews the existing Club Drug & Alcohol

Policy document and brings any amendments they think appropriate to the Executive.

8. That, except in exceptional circumstances, the club AGM is held not later than the 

1st Sunday in December.

9. That the Executive Agenda is revised as per Index 4

10. That the AGM Agenda is revised as per Index 5

11. That the History Committee shall establish an archive on our Web Site and update our

site in the  Croke Park Museum.

12. That a special meeting should be called of club members and other selected personnel 

with a view to giving Scor other cultural activity its rightful place in future club activity.

13. That the club vice Chairman should have the names of those willing to assist as Stewarts

and Gate Collectors and should issue text messages to them each time the Co Committee

is in need of assistance.

In addition to the above there are six Indexes in the report.

Index 1. Code of Conduct.

Index 2. Club maintenance plan.

Index 3. FAS work programme.

Index 4. Revised Agenda Executive and AGM.

Index 5. Revised Nomination Form AGM

Index 6. Freeze Prevention Measures.