Work to Start on 2nd Playing Field.

At a recent meeting of the club Executive the go ahead was given for work to commence of the development of the club's 2nd playing field. Work will get underway in the new year as soon as ground conditions permit.

Floodlit Training Area.

The meeting also decided that some additional drainage work needs to be done on the club's training area. Funding for this will be part of the club's 2015 Budget. Decisions on costings, commencement of work etc will be made by the incoming Executive in the new year.

Infrastructural Development Plans


The club reviewed its infrastructural facilities during the Autumn of 2013 and early 2014. It was agreed that while we have a state of the art clubhouse considerable work is needed to bring our training and playing facilities up to modern standards. This is particularly necessary in light of the ever increasing demands of our playing members at both under age and adult levels. It was also agreed that the club needs an annual maintenance program across all its facilities. Without this things will simply fall into disrepair.


The club has recently received approval for a loan of €40,000 from the Financial Management Committee in Croke Park. This means that the Infrastructural Plan listed here can now proceed.

Floodlit Training Area.

The area has been drained, the surface leveled and portable goalposts moved in. Some lights have been installed, the surface has been rolled and has been used by our U-21s for training during the dark evenings

The surface will be monitored over the coming months and further work will be done to upgrade it as required. Next spring/early summer it will be treated with weed-killer fertilizer and over-seeded.

It may also be necessary to scarify and sand the surface in March and a decision will be made on this early in the New Year.


A railing has been installed on the scoreboard as required for Health and Safety reasons.

Drain at Bog Goal.

Part of this drain has been filled in while the rest of it has been fenced off - again this is a Health and Safety requirement.

Two stiles have being constructed and a new exit/entrance gap in the ball barrier opened to allow easy access to the bog for the retrieval of footballs.

Main Pitch.

The main pitch was treated with weed-killer and fertilized last May and the surface was scarrified and over seeded.

This work has produced excellent results with the surface responding very well to very heavy rain during November. Based on this it appears as if verti draining and sanding planned for next March may not now be necessary. However the surface will continue to be monitored over the winter months.

Joint Report

Infrastructural Development Committee and Club Executive.

The following Infrastructural Development Plan was approved at a Special General Meeting of the club in April 2014 arising from a report prepared jointly by the Infrastructural Development Committee and the Club Executive.


There are four main sections of club property dealt with in this plan;

1.The main playing pitch.

2.A greenfield site alongside the Strokestown-Drumsna road.

3.A partially developed playing field to the west of the clubrooms.

4. The Clubhouse and general infrastructure inc car parks.


The overall objective is to put in place club infrastructure that will ensure that current and future generations of our members will have the facilities in place to participate in and enjoy the playing of Gaelic Games.

Towards this objective the following are our initial priorities;

1.Upgrade the main pitch into a top class playing surface.

2.Provide a floodlit training area.

3.Provide a second playing pitch.

4.Carry out other infrastructural work around the grounds with particular emphasis on the clubhouse.


Tender invitations now closed

All work has been put out to tender and tenders are invited from suitably qualified contractors in the parish and surrounding areas. If interested please contact Club Chairman Tommie Kenoy at 087 7669016 or J J McWeeney Chairman of the Infrastructural Development Committee at 086 1698082. Final date for receipt of tenders June 13th 2014.


Upgrade Main Pitch.

The pitch was sprayed with weedkiller in late April, fertilized during May with special sportsground fertilizer and was scarrified, overseeded and lightly rolled on June 5th. During the spring of 2015 it will be scarrified and sanded with a view to improving drainage. The total cost of this work will come to approximately €7,000.

Develop Floodlit Training Area.

This will involve developing a flood lit training area to the west of the clubhouse which will be 100m x 80m in size and will be lit in order to provide a training facility for autumn/winter/spring training. It will also be suitable for small sized games, under age games and warm ups before games on the main pitch. Approximate cost €2,500.

Develop a 2nd Playing Field.

This will be developed on the greenfield site to the east of the main playing field. It will be approx 150m x 80m in size and will be suitable for full 15 a side games.

Approx Cost- €14,500.(ex VAT).

Other Infrastructural Work.

* Upgrade the Scoreboard - for health and safety reasons.

* Fill open drain at bog end of pitch - for health and safety reasons. (Cost approx €2,400).

* Lower the wall approaching the main entrance gate- a planning requirement when the clubhouse was built.

* Carry out maintainence work on the clubrooms with particular reference to the eve gutters, damaged toilet facilities, broken window locks etc.

* Erect name signs on clubrooms.

* Upgrade photographic display.

* Upgrade and install signs around the site with particular reference to safety signs.

* Remove fence behind road goal and along east side of pitch.

* Erect new player shelters.

* Purchase a mowing machine and white line marker. (Cost up to €7,000)

* Upgrade and maintain car parking facilities.

* Paint steps in stand yellow in line with planning and health and safety requirements.

* Erect stakes and net wire along remaining section of open drain for health and safety reasons.

* Upgrade ball nets behind both goals on the main pitch.

* Remove dangerous turnstile at entrance.

* Put in place an annual maintainence programme which will be the reponsibility of the Infrastructural Development Committee to implement and oversee.


The primary source of funding will be a loan from Croke Park. The Special General Meeting decided to set a cap on this of €40,000. The loan will be repaid over a ten year period.

This breaks down as follows;

Floodlit Training area, upgrading of Clubhouse the main pitch and other infrastructure around the site - €25,500.

Provision of a 2nd playing field - €14,500.

Total. €40,000.

Local Fundraising.

It was agreed to embark on the following fundraising efforts in order to enable the club to meet the loan repayments.

1. A major auction will take place in the Silver Eel on Friday evening July 18th. Income from this will be put into a deposit account to aid with repayments.

Club members will be visiting all houses and businesses in the parish between Wed July 2nd and wed July 16th.

There is of course no obligation on anybody to contribute but any help you can give towards improving infrastructural sports facilities for our young people will be greatly appreciated.

Residents will be asked to make a contribution towards the auction - contributions may include household, farmyard or other items that you no longer need; products from your business such as hay or silage bales, an animal, tools, goods from your shop, firewood or turf; labour such as a days work with a machine or using your building, plumbing or other skills; cash contributions; items from the kitchen such as cakes, scones or preserves; items that you purchase and contribute for example a leg of lamb, spirits or electrical goods. Of course the other way to contribute to the development of our playing facilities is to attend the auction and buy some of the valuable good we will have on offer.

2. A fortnightly 50/50 draw will take place with half the income each fortnight going in prizes and the other half going towards loan repayment.

This draw will be organised by teams of sellers. Each team will have a captain and a team of assistants. They will be asked to take charge of the auction just twice each year. There will be a prize for the team that produces the best return at the end of the year.

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