Michael Mcguire was elected Irish Language and Cultural Officer at the recent Kilmore G.A.A. A.G.M. This position includes responsibility for Scor in 2021.

2018 Scor Final 3rd March 2018 in Kilbride. 

2014 Dates
Roscommon Scor Semi final - Elphin Saturday 21st November 7.30pm
Roscommon Scor Final - The Dean Crowe Theatre Athlone Sunday 14th December 1pm
Important Dates

Scór na nÓg 2011 – Dátaí, ionaid, srl.

The following dates, venues, and times were confirmed for Scór na nÓg.

North Roscommon

* Friday 4th November 2011, Elphin @ 7.30pm.

* Saturday 5th November 2011, Elphin @ 7.30pm.                    

South Roscommon

* Friday 11th November 2011, St. John’s Community Centre @ 7.30pm.

* Saturday 12th November 2011, St. John’s Community Centre @ 7.30pm.


* Friday 25th November 2011, Ballyleague Hall @ 7.30pm

* Saturday 26th November 2011, Ballyleague Hall @ 7.30pm.

County Final

* Sunday 11th December 2011, Dean Crowe Theatre @ 1pm.

Scór na bPaistí 2011 – Dátaí, ionaid, srl.

The following dates, venues, and times were confirmed for Scór na bPaistí.

* Table Quiz, Sunday 16th October 2011, Ballyleague Hall @ 3pm.

Other Scór na bPaistí Competitions:

* Friday 14th October 2011, Ballyleague Hall @ 7pm.

* Friday 21st October 2011, Ballyleague Hall @ 7pm.

What is Scór?

Scór is the GAA's cultural competition and it is open to every club in the country regardless of whether you are a Junior C Hurling club in Leitrim or a Senior Football club in Kerry!

It is divided into two sections, Scór Na nÓg, for young people under 17 and Scór Sinsear, for everyone over 17! Scór Here in County Roscommon we also run a competition called Scór Na bPaistí for National School children.

There are eight events / disciplines in Scór that cover all aspects of Irish culture and they are Figure Dancing, Solo Singing, Instrumental Music, Recitation, Ballad Group, Novelty Act, Question Time and Set Dancing. The competitions are organised in each county by the Coiste Scór, a committee, which is made up of delegates from clubs (every club is entitled to two delegates). In Roscommon, Scór na nÓg entails four preliminary rounds, two in the north of the county and two in the south, winners here progress to the county semi-final (also known as the northern final or southern final). The county final is a big occasion every year and is usually held in early January (The county final of Scór Sinsear takes place in March). Winners progress to the Connacht final and from here to the national final. It is a tremendous honour for any club to be represented on All Ireland Scór final day; indeed the All Ireland Scór champions are presented with the same medal you get if you were to win Sam Maguire or Liam McCarthy and will be presented to you by the President of the GAA!